Important MCQ’s For Human Anatomy And Physiology 

1 The basic unit of Structure & function in living things is the 
   a Nucleus
   b cell 
   c Membrane
   d chloroplast
Answer Is ;  b cell 
2 The process by which cells reproduce is
  a Diffusion
  b osmosis
  c cell division
  d respiration
Answer Is ;  c cell division
3 Heart Contain the ………… tissue
  a Aliphatic tissue
  b myocardial tissue 
  c aromatic tissue 
  d hygienic tissue
Answer Is ; b myocardial tissue
4 Skeleton is divided in ……..
  a appendicular skeleton
  b axial skeleton
  c both A & B
  d None of Those
Answer Is; c both A & B
5 Which is last part of vertebral column
  a Coccyx
  b Sacrum
  c Lumbar vertebrae
  d Zygomatic bone
Answer Is ; b Sacrum
6 How much water content present in the blood plasma
  a 90%
  b 50%
  c 10%
  d 24%
Answer Is ;  a 90%
7 Which of the following is the part or component of blood
  a RBC
  b WBC
  c Plasma Protein
  d All of above
Answer Is ;  d All of above
8 Which is the normal blood pressure 
  a 120/80 mm Hg
  b 120 mm Hg
  c 80 mm Hg
  d 64/65 mm Hg
Answer Is ; a 120/80 mm Hg
9 How Many chamber present in human heart
  a 2
  b 3
  c 5
  d 4
Answer Is ; d 4
10 Which is the not part of respiratory system
       a Pharynx


b Trachea



c Nose



d larynx


 Answer Is ; d larynx

11. Which is main excretory organ

a Lungs

b Kidney

c Skin

d All of above

Answer Is; b Kidney

12. Which is the basic unit of kidney

a Neuron

b nephron

c alveoli


Answer Is b nephron

13. Following muscles produce elevation of scapula except

a Rhomboidius major

b Rhomboidius minor

c trapezium


d serratus anterior

Answer Is;  b Rhomboidius minor

14. The duodenum is the part of…..


b small intestine

c Large intestine


d Stomach

Answer Is; b small intestine

15. The …..nerve are responsible for the sense of smell

a Olfactory

b Cranial

c Facial

d Dorsal

Answer Is; a Olfactory

16. What is pH of gastric juice

a 5.5 to 6.6

b 5 to 6

c 7.1 to 7.7

d 1.6 to 3.2

Answer Is; d 1.6 to 3.2

17. Pupils get dilated in …..light

a Dark

b Bright

c Deam


d Medium

Answer Is; b Bright

18. Which of the following is the contents of dorsal body cavity

a Heart & lungs

b Brain & spinal cord

c Viscera


d Gut, kidney & liver

Answer is ; b Brain & spinal cord

19. The CNS consists of …..

a Brain

b Spinal cord

c Face


d Both A,B

Answer Is; d Both A,B

20. How many bones present in the human body

a 206

b 209

c 205


d 207

Answer Is; a 206

21. How many ribs are present in respiratory system

a 10

b 11

c 12

d 13

Answer Is; c 12

22. What is structural and functional unit of organisms ?

a Tissue

b Nucleus

c Ribosome


d Cell

Answer Is; d Cell

23. How many stages in process of reproduction

a 4

b 3

c 2


d 5

Answer Is ; b 3

24. How many types of cell

a 2

b 3

c 4


d 5

Answer Is a 2

25. How many types of tissue

a 4

b 3

c 5


d 2

Answer is; a 4

26. Which bone is small bone in human body

a Ear bone

b Nasal bone

c Mandible


d Hyoid bone

Answer Is; a Ear bone

  27. longest & strongest bones of the body

a Femure

b Humerus

c Radius

d Ulna      

Answer Is a Femure

28. How many phalanges in each foot

a 15

b 14

c 13

d 12 

Answer Is ; b 14

29. Normal bleeding time is

a 1 to 4min.

b 2to 5min.

c 1 to 6min.

d 4 to 6min      

Answer Is; c 1 to 6min.

30. The total life span of RBC is …

a 128 days

b 127 days

c 120 days

d 125 days

Answer Is c 120 days

31. Following are part of brain except.

a Coronary sinus

b Midbrain

c Cerebrum


d Medulla oblongata

Answer Is ; a Coronary sinus

32. How much urine get forms in 24 hr

a 1000 to 1500 ml

b 3000 ml

c 3000 to 5000 ml

d 6000ml

Answer Is ; a 1000 to 1500 ml

33. How many pairs of cranial nerve

a 23

b 12

c 21

d 32

Answer Is; b 12

34. How many sense organ

a 4

b 5

c 6

d 7

Answer Is ; b 5

35. The length of large intestine is ….

a 1.6 meter

b 1.5 meter

c 1.7 meter

d 1.8 meter

Answer is ; b 1.5 meter

36. The weight of liver is about….

a 1400 gm

b 1500 gm

c 1600 gm


d 1700 gm

Answer Is ; c 1600 gm    The Weight of liver is about between 1600 to 1800gm

37. The units for measurement of BMR are….

a Kilojoules/meter²/hour

b Kilogram/meter²/hour

c Gram/meter²/hour


d none of these

Answer Is ; a Kilojoules/meter²/hour

38. The length of testes is about….

a 6cm

b 5cm

c 7cm


d 8cm

 Answer Is ; b 5 cm the length is about 3-5 cm

39. Which group is universal acceptor

a AB +

b AB –

c O+


d O-

Answer Is; a AB +

40. Normal body temperature…

a 37°C

b 38°C

c 39°C


d 40°C

Answer Is ; a 37°C