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Syllabus of Drug store and Business Management 

Part 1

Introduction-Trade, Industry and commerce, Functions and subdivision of commerce, Introduction to Elements for Economics and Management. Forms of Business Organizations. Channels of Distribution.

Drug House Management-selection of site, space Lay-out and legal requirements. Importance and objectives of purchasing, selection of suppliers, credit information, tenders, contracts and price determination and legal requirements thereto.Codification, handling of drug stores and other hospital supplies. Inventory Control-objects and importance, modern techniques like ABC,VED analysis, the lead time, inventory carrying cost, safety stock, minimum and maximum stock levels, economic order quantity, scrap and surplus disposal.

Sales promotion, Market Research, Salesmanship, qualities of a salesman, Advertising and Window Display.

Recruitment, training, evaluation and compensation of the pharmacist. 

Banking and Finance-Service and functions of bank, Finance planning and sources of finance.

Part 2 

Introduction to the accounting concepts and conventions. Double entry Book Keeping, Different kinds of accounts. Cash Book. General Ledger and Trial Balance. Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet. Simple techniques of analyzing financial statements. Introduction to Budgeting. 


Drug store and Business Management Book Dr.A.V.Yadav Pdf Download

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