Objectives of study of Pharmaceutics 

What is Pharmaceutics  
                         Pharmaceutics is the Branch of science which deals with the study of Drug formulation, Drug Design and Sales of Drugs is Called Pharmaceutics.
Objectives Of Pharmaceutics  
1. To learn the Development of Dosage forms
2. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Dosage forms
3. Compatibility of Drug With Other Drugs
4. To learn the suitable formulation of Drug
Hospital Pharmacist 
1.Learn the handling of Prescription
2.Also the calculation of  Drug Dose for Children
This Are the Major Objectives of Pharmaceutics
Also Pharmaceutics is the Back Bone of Medicines And Pharmacy It is most important subject.
Some Topics wise Objectives Of Pharmaceutics
1 Dosage Forms;  Achieving effective treatment of a disease with minimizing adverse effects of drug   requires rational selection, formulation and administration of an appropriate dosage form. This topic is a must need for fresh pharmacy students to be explored in great enough detail to enable the student to be equipped for both literary and practical knowledge