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Scope: The course deals with the various physica and physicochemical properties, and
principles involved in dosage forms/formulations. Theory and practical
components of the subject help the student to get a better insight into various
areas of formulation research and development, and stability studies of
pharmaceutical dosage forms.


Objectives: Upon the completion of the course student shall be able to
1. Understand various physicochemical properties of drug molecules in the
designing the dosage forms
2. Know the principles of chemical kinetics & to use them for stability testing and determination of expiry date of formulations
3. Demonstrate use of physicochemical properties in the formulation
development and evaluation of dosage forms.
Sr.NoName Of BookPDF 
1Martin’s Physical Pharmacy And Pharmaceutical ScienceDownload 
2Physical Pharmaceutics-II By Pv PublicationDownload 
3Physical Pharmaceutica-I By Nirali PublicatoinDownload 
4Text Book Of Physical Pharmaceutica By CVS SubrahmanyamDownload 
5Physical Pharmacy By Gaurav Jani, Farhan AhmedDownload