This Is Important MCQ’s for the Preparation of D.Pharmacy Competitive Exams Pharmaceutical Chemistry

1. which class of drug contain quinolone heterocycle 
   a  Anti T.B drug
   b Antimalarial drug
   c Antiamoebic drug
   d Cardiovascular drug

Answer Is ;  Antimalarial drug
 2. Which of these is not a six membered ring
   a Pyridine
   b Piperidin
   c Pyrimidine
   d Pyrrole
Answer Is ;  d Pyrrole
3.Benzopyrrole is also known as
  a Indol
  b benz imidazole
  c pyrrole
  d quinine
Answer is ; Indol
4. Name the five membered unsaturated heterocycle containing oxygen
  a Oxazole
  b Pyrrole
  c Furan
  d Pyridine
Answer is ; c Furan
5. The suffix ole is used for
  a five membered unsaturated ring
  b five membered saturated ring
  c six membered unsaturated ring
  d six membered saturated ring
Answer is ;  a five membered unsaturated ring
6 The prefix thia is used for
  b n
  c s
  d p
Answer is ;  c.  S
7. sulfamethoxazole is a
  short acting drug
  b long acting drug
  c short to intermediate acting drug
  d mixed acting drug
Answer is ; c short to intermediate acting drug
8. sulphonamide used in treatment of burn infection is
  b sulfadiazine
  c silver sulfadiazine
  d sulfacetamide
Answer is ; a sulfamethaxazole
9. sulfonamide are mainly used in treatment of eye infection is
  b sulphacetamide sodium
  c sulphadiazine
  d sulphamethaxazole
Answer is ; b sulphacetamide sodium
10. The basic hetero atoms for heterocyclic compound are
  b N,O,B
  c N,S,Na
  d N,F,Cl
Answer is ; a N,O,S
11. The difference between pyrrole and pyridine is
  5-membered ring, 6-membered ring
  b C4H5N , C5H5N
  c both of these
  d none of these
Answer is ; b C4H5N , C5H5N
12. Which one of the following is six membered heterocyclic compounds
  b furan
  c pyridine
  d thiophene
Answer is ;  c pyridine
13. The correct statement for pyrrole is
  6-membered ring with hetero atoms -N
  b 5-membered ring with hetero atoms -N
  c 6-membered ring with hetero atoms -o
  d 5-membered ring with hetero atoms -o
Answer is ; b 5-membered ring with hetero atoms -N
14. Lysol is the brand name of
  Benzalkonium chloride
  b Tramadol
  c Chloroxylenol
  d Fluoxetine
Answer is ;  a Benzalkonium chloride
15. Dettol is the brand name of
  Benzoyl peroxide
  b Tramadol
  c Chloroxylenol
  d Fluoxetine
Answer is ;   c Chloroxylenol
16. Chemically chloroxylenol is
  4-chloro-3,5 dimethyl phenol
  b 5-diamethyl phenol
  c 4-chloro- 3, 5 dimethyl phenol
  d 6 dimethyl phenol, 3 dimethyl phenol
Answer is ; 4-chloro-3,5 dimethyl phenol
17. Which of these antiseptic and disinfectant belong to cationic surfactant class
  a Benzalkonium chloride
  b Alcohol
  c Phenol
  d Iodine
Answer is ;  a Benzalkonium chloride
18. Disinfectant are agents which are applied on
  living tissue
  b Inanimate objects
  c Skin only
  d Hairs only
Answer is ;  b Inanimate objects
19. Co-trimaxazole is a combination of
  a Sulphamethaxazole and trimethoprim
  b Sulphacetamide and trimethoprim
  c Sulphathiazole and trimethoprim
  d Prontosil and trimethoprim
Answer is ;  a Sulphamethaxazole and trimethoprim
20. The structure of indole ring is